Commercial and Industrial Meters

Extended functionality, highest precision metering accuracy, plus the flexibility of modular communication adapted to local requirements make these electronic meters into intelligent system components.

Grid Meters

Providing increased revenue, tailored grid functionalities and savings in maintenance, our grid meters are designed for use in all applications.

Residential Meters

The ecoMeter in-home display is simply powered from the mains socket inside the household, communicating by RF with the smart meter, which is typically located in a secure locked street kiosk. The in-home display receives energy and tariff data from the smart meter and converts it to an easy-to-understand format for the consumer.

The increased energy consumption transparency raises consumer awareness of energy usage, leading to cost conscious consumer behaviour and ultimately a reduction in household consumption. The utility manager is also able to send messages to the consumer, alerting them to tariff changes, planned power outages and other useful information. The ecoMeter is an essential component of Smart Metering solution, ensuring that consumers have the essential consumption information that will help them to better manage their energy consumption.