AUS provide pre-commissioning & commissioning services; our engineers will terminate connections, fit all low-voltage components and commission the solution. All systems are then extensively tested to confirm full functionality of the solution.


AUS Project Management Services help organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance.


AUS provide offsite and onsite programming services, including the site testing and commissioning, change downloads, program enhancement, sequence of operation management, new programs, PLC and DDC application and freely programmable controller logic programing and commission the solution. All systems are then extensively tested to confirm full functionality of the solution


AUS provide offsite and onsite programming services for Niagara platform, We embrace both open protocol and proprietary BMCS systems and are equally comfortable working with either type of equipment as the project or customer requires. As an integrator we take into consideration our clients design requirements and preferences and select the product that matches these requirements.


AUS provide services to its own customers, end-users and third party system integrators:

System Desgins, Specificaiton, Product Selection

Design and Implmentation Drawings, Schematics, Shop Drawings, As-Built

Budgeting & Estimation Services

Procurement, Installation, & Opeations Manuals


AUS perform scheduled service and maintenance activities and call out services for new and existing installations.

Our maintenance and service is customized to suit individual client needs.

We offer expert preventive maintenance and service

We offer remote online support and on-site attendance 24 hours 365 days a year.

We offer a comprehensive range of virtual monitoring, technical maintenance, energy efficiency and operational support services including:


Upgrade notification and installation for hardware and software;

Database backups;

Software configuration;

Routine re-calibration;

Energy audits, remote energy monitoring and performance contracting;

Recommissioning and retrofits on existing systems;

Emergency repairs;

Environmental management systems for carparks.